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Over the past six months, Moses Taylor Foundation has engaged in a planning process to identify strategic initiatives we can lead over the next five years to move the needle on pressing community health problems. After reviewing health and demographic data and interviewing key stakeholders, our Board of Directors prioritized two strategic initiatives to improve the health and wellness of residents and communities in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA):

Poor health and poor academic performance have many of the same causes. Health challenges are a frequent cause of chronic absenteeism. Students frequently come to school with chronic conditions that require treatment. While most children in our region have health insurance, they continue to lack medical homes, routine screenings and preventive services. Schools are uniquely positioned to increase access to healthcare and provide vital health education and environments that help children develop healthy habits. Together with our partners, we will work to equip area schools with the resources and supports they need to meet the health challenges their students face daily.

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Isolation is a lesser-known, critical social determinant of health that disproportionately impacts older adults. Isolation has demonstrated, direct impacts on blood pressure, chronic disease, depression, vulnerability to abuse and neglect, and overall quality of life. Living alone, having physical or cognitive impairments, experiencing a major life transition, having a low income, being a caregiver for someone with severe impairment, residing in an unsafe or inaccessible neighborhood, having a small social network or belonging to a minority group can put older adults at increased risk of isolation. Older adults may recognize they feel lonely, but not realize the impact loneliness has on their health. Together with our partners, we will work to increase awareness of isolation and its health impacts and expand the availability of community resources and supports to help older adults live healthier lives.

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We anticipated the most common question in response to our announcement would be “What does this mean for my organization?” We tried to answer this and other questions in the following FAQs. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at 570-207-3731 or

What is responsive grantmaking? What are strategic initiatives?

We consider our routine quarterly and discretionary grants, responsive. We make those grants
in response to nonprofit requests that meet our broad interests in the following areas:

  • Primary Healthcare
  • Mental Health and Behavioral Health
  • Dental Care and Oral Health
  • Healthcare Workforce
  • Human Services that Promote Good Health

Grantees define their own outcomes and results are generally specific to individual organizations.

Our strategic initiatives are proactive, collaborative and designed to achieve community-level impact. The work of multiple partners will be coordinated to contribute to a common agenda with shared outcomes. In addition to funding, the Foundation will provide convening, communications, evaluation and fundraising assistance to support the strategic initiatives’ success.


How will this change impact routine responsive grantmaking?

Half of the Foundation’s grantmaking budget will continue to be dedicated to responsive grants
in the areas of:

  • Primary Healthcare
  • Mental Health and Behavioral Health
  • Dental Care and Oral Health
  • Healthcare Workforce
  • Human Services that Promote Good Health

We will continue to entertain requests from organizations across our 11-county footprint:
Bradford, Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill, Sullivan, Susquehanna,
Wayne and Wyoming.


Who was involved in selecting the strategic initiatives?

The primary responsibility of any nonprofit board is setting the organization’s future direction.
To that end, our board of directors decided it was time for the Foundation to adopt proactive strategic initiatives and selected our strategic initiative areas. To inform their decision-making, our staff and strategic planning consultants reviewed external health and demographic data and interviewed key stakeholders including our largest health grantees, government partners and grantmaking colleagues.


Who will set the implementation plan?

We hope a variety of organizations with experience, knowledge or expertise in our strategic initiative areas will participate in our planning retreats in the fall. The retreats will identify which objectives, activities and outcomes are prioritized to create a common agenda for each initiative.


After five years will the Foundation select new strategic initiatives?

We don’t know. After five years we may continue one or both strategic initiatives. We may adopt
new initiatives. We will evaluate our work throughout the next five years to assess how well each initiative achieves its intended results and use our learning to course-correct where needed and determine next steps.


What if I have a grant request targeting children or seniors that doesn’t fit the new strategic initiatives?

While our strategic initiatives will be narrowly defined by the common agendas we adopt with our partners, our responsive grantmaking will remain broadly focused on the areas of:

  • Primary Healthcare
  • Mental Health and Behavioral Health
  • Dental Care and Oral Health
  • Healthcare Workforce
  • Human Services that Promote Good Health

We will not penalize or prioritize responsive grant requests that target children or seniors.


How will grants be made under the strategic initiatives?

We will be flexible and provide the types of support that best match the agenda set for each strategy. At times we may use requests for proposals (RFPs) or solicit grant requests from specific partners. Some grants may extend the full five years and others may be single or multi-year. We also plan to actively leverage support from other private and public funders and will work to streamline application and reporting processes where possible for our partners.


If I am funded under a strategic initiative can I also submit a request under a responsive grant?

Yes. We know our partners may have other needs beyond those prioritized in our strategic initiatives.


I’m not sure if my organization is a fit.

Feel free to contact us with questions. We seek partners with prior experience, knowledge or
expertise to ensure our strategic initiatives are primarily shaped by organizations with a track record
of engagement with our target populations. However, both strategic initiatives have the potential for
a variety of approaches. We hope a broad range of partners will help us determine what will work best in our region.